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5 reasons why you should buy organic clothing

It's easy to forget, but clothing and fashion have a big impact on the environment and our planet. According to the BBC, around 10% of our greenhouse gas emissions come from fashion. Around 70 million barrels of oil used each year to create polyester clothing. In addition, some fabrics use high levels of chemicals to grow the yarn, as well as using high levels of water. Anything we can do to improve and change this is essential.

Organic cotton is one method of decreasing the impact of the clothing on our environment.

Here are our five reasons why you should buy organic clothing:

1. No pesticides or fertilisers

Firstly, organic cotton doesn't use any chemicals such as pesticides or fertilisers. Non-organic cotton uses high amounts of both of these, accounting for around 10% of the global pesticide usage.

2. Lower impact on climate change

Both pesticides and fertilisers require fossil fuels to be made, therefore have a larger associated greenhouse gas emission. As organic cotton uses natural methods to grow, it has a lower effect on the climate. According to a study by the Stockholm Environment Institute, conventionally grown cotton produces 5.9kg of CO2 per ton of spun fibre, compared to just 2.35kg for organically grown cotton.

3. Healthier soils

Without needing to use pesticides or fertilisers, organic cotton maintains healthier soils. This supports farmers and allows them to have a sustainable long-term livelihood. Natural methods are used to improve the soils, such as composting. This allows the soil to act as a sponge and mitigates some issues during floods or droughts.

4. Less water use

Having healthier soils also means less water is used. As the soil creates a sponge-like effect, it is better at storing and regulating the water levels. It takes a massive 2.700 litres of water to produce a non-organic cotton t-shirt. An organic t-shirt can reduce this by up to 91%, something we should all take notice off!

Another water-related benefit is that as no chemicals are used, hazardous pesticides and fertilisers do not run off into the rivers or lakes.

5. Safer for farmers

Spraying cotton with pesticides and fertilisers puts the farmer's health at risk. It can lead to health conditions and life-threatening illnesses for those who spray the crops. It is estimated that up to 77million non-organic cotton workers suffer from poisoning and health issues caused by the pesticides.

We are pleased to say that all of our cycling and adventure t-shirts use organic cotton and certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard. We believe it's up to both businesses and consumers to make positive changes in their lives. The results are often far-reaching, and in this case, improve the worker's health, the local environment and reduces the impact on climate change.

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